Leading Solutions in Shared Mobility

GoNext provides ready to launch shared vehicle platform solutions with modular features for all vehicle types.

  • Ready to use mobile apps

  • Gamification and wallet features

  • Flexible pricing and campaign options

  • Connect your fleet easily

  • B2C/B2B Fleet Management

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Connect your fleet

Connect your vehicles to GoNext vehicle IoT cloud easily.

Customize your app

Customize your own vehicle sharing app with GoNext.

Launch your business

Launch and start your business in a couple of weeks.

Explore GoNext platform features and services. We are ready to discuss solutions to your unique case.

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We offer

All in one platform

Experience the power of an all-in-one platform with GoNext. Our suite of applications, dashboard, and fleet management tools cater to every aspect of your shared mobility business, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Drivers App
  • B2B / B2C fleet management
  • Operations App
  • Supports all types of vehicles
  • Office Dashboard
  • Easy connect with IOT Hub
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Fast to market

Launch and scale your business with ready to use solutions. Create your own brand and customize your application with white labeling options. Our proven technology offers you a unique and easy experience.

  • White labeling option
  • Proven technology
  • Customizable
  • Ready to use
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Next level support

We are crafting shared mobility tech solutions since 2017. Get full support with our expertise and know-how from onboarding to maintanance phase. We continously work with our customers from A to Z like a partner.

  • Business know how
  • Seamless onboarding
  • Continuous support
  • A to Z partnership
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All in one GoNext platform provides comprehensive features to launch and scale your business.


Our Features

Drivers app

Drivers App

Customize and launch your iOS & android mobile apps for customers..

Operation app

Operation App

Operate your ground team, manage tasks, utilize fleet..

Back office

Back office

Manage entire fleet, control operation team, monitor performance..

Comprehensive Marketing Suite

GoNext offers a variety of built-in tools and features. Communicate with your customers, increase your engagement and reach new users. Announce your services and enhance business performance.

  • Custom incentives and offers
  • Availability, zone or segment based campaigns
  • Promotion codes / Vouchers
  • In-app notifications / Push messages
  • Campaign vehicles / Task rewards
  • Built-in customer segmentation
  • Loyalty & referral programs
  • Customer wallet
  • Rewards and points
  • Coupon / Voucher sharing
  • Customer support / In-app chat

Modular Business Tools

  • Re-location Optimization

    GoNext optimization tool can optimize locations of your fleet to maximize your business performance targets.

  • Demand Forecast

    Make use of GoNext AI powered forecast tool. Transform your data into insights. Increase utilization and satisfaction.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    GoNext DPO can optimize prices real-time based on location, time and customer data to maximize your business targets.

  • Profit & Revenue Analysis

    Let back office tools to simulate variety of scenarios of pricing plans and analyze profit & revenue for operational decisions

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Unique solution for your use case

GoNext is a versatile platform for the shared mobility industry, catering to both the B2C and B2B sectors. We offer original solutions for public sharing of cars, bikes, and kick scooters, as well as corporate sharing, logistics, and fleet management.

A car and motorcycle
Public Sharing B2C

You can operate a public sharing service for cars, bikes, and kick scooters with GoNext offering a complete solution.

People shaking hands
Corporate Sharing B2B

We offer services for shared transportation and corporate fleet management, helping your business save costs, improve employee mobility, and promote environmentally friendly transportation.

A bunch of forklifts
Intra Mobility

Our platform can be customized to meet your needs on intra mobility solutions for campuses, universities, and business complexes by simplifying transportation and promoting sustainable mobility.

A motorcycle and scooter
Micro Mobility

We provide solutions for your business to maintain efficient micro mobility services for urban commuters by offering GPS tracking, maintenance scheduling, and user-friendly interface features and more.

A truck
Logistics & Delivery

Our platform can be adapted for last-mile delivery operations for e-commerce and delivery services with providing custom management tools to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries.

Car fleet
Fleet Management

You can have fleet management capabilities for small and large fleets, including features to maximize vehicle uptime and reduce operational costs, with GoNext.

Digital Rental
Digital Rental

Our all in one platform enables digital rental services for personal use providing a user-friendly rental experience. Whether for business or organizations, GoNext empowers you to thrive in the evolving landscape of sharing mobility.

Ecosystem to scale

GoNext provides a broad range of integrated services to scale your business.

  • Vehicle Sharing Platform
    • All in one platform

    • Flexible & scalable

    • Multiple vehicle types

    • Modular services

  • Digital Rental Platform
    • Long/short term contracts

    • Driver App & Back office

    • Digital onboarding & drop-off

    • Web store integration

    • Reservation Management

  • IoT Cloud Hub
    • Easy fleet connectivity

    • Ready to go API library

    • Data processing

    • Push commands

  • EV Charging Platform
    • White label solution

    • EMSP + CPO platform

    • Ready to go API library

    • OCPP - OCPI gateways​

  • Connected Cars App
    • White label app

    • Remote control

    • Gamification & drive points

    • Car score & driver score

    • Assistance & smergency

    • Marketing incentives

  • Modular Services
    • Dynamic pricing

    • Optimization

    • Loyalty & wallet

    • Crash detection

    • Dust detection


Super App for Urban Mobility

GetirAraç (MOOV), Turkey's pioneer in car sharing, is harnessing our super app's full potential to deliver an unparalleled sharing experience, making urban mobility more accessible and efficient than ever.

Getir app

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